Get to know our chef! 

Gastronomy is a very important part of your stay at River House Lodge. When you taste  the enchanted secrets of Northern Patagonia’s flavors and the typical country-style cuisine prepared by our chef Manolo, your experience will be complete!

How long have you been working as a chef?

I’ve been involved in the culinary world since I was 16 years old. I started as a dishwasher and waiter and  then as a barman. At 19, I was offered a job in the kitchen where I learned a lot from great teachers and mentors.

How long have you been at the River House?

I arrived in December 2021 at the start of the season.

What do you enjoy most about your work at the Lodge?

I was asked many times what I would love to do as a chef. Whether I wanted to work in a restaurant chain, to open a restaurant or work at a Hotel. And my answer has always been: I would love to cook in a nice place, in a kitchen with a great view, for small groups on vacation. So, my dream has come true. When people are on holidays, they are relaxed and very grateful to enjoy a wonderful meal.

What are your favorite dishes to prepare?

I love cooking so much that it is very difficult for me to pick just one recipe. I really enjoy  barbecues, cooking on the grill, the combination of  flames and  meat fascinate me. I also love preparing homemade pasta. 

At RiverHouse Lodge, I always make pasta. And I love to add colors to the dough. I could spend the whole day extracting colors from different vegetables to add, hence creating beautiful pasta dishes. I believe  that my strongest points are ‘asado'(barbecue)and pasta. 

Do you get to interact with  the guests at the Lodge?

Yes, I  sometimes serve  the dishes,  and explain a little bit about what they are going to eat. Interacting  with the guests is one of the nicest parts of my job as a chef.

What dishes do clients like the most?

I would say that since they are visiting Argentina, they love  our  meat, accompanied with  greens  from our vegetable garden. They loved this every time. . We have a  menu that never disappoints. One day pasta, one day meat, one day trout and so on. The truth is that the feedback is very good for all the dishes. But meat and pasta is usually what draws the most attention.

What typical Argentinean dish can’t be missed in a fishing trip?

The asado (barbecue) is a must. It is a very important meal. The ambience created around the grill, drinking a nice malbec and sharing fishing stories is unbeatable.

What is the key to a good barbecue?

As you might know, Argentina  is very well-known  for the quality of its meats. But I am very  committed  on putting a lot of dedication and extreme attention in the whole process of making an asado. To be attentive, calm, accompanying the cooking process and very focused.  One can add whatever seasoning or sauce one wants. The most important is to be aware and loving what you are doing. That’s my secret, to give my best in  whatever  I do.

What special dish would  you recommend  ?

Everybody  should try the «molleja»(sweetbreads) They should not be afraid of it, it is   really tasty.

Come visit us at  the River House Lodge and get to know our chef and his magical dishes!