Aguas Arriba at River House Lodge!

At River House Lodge we lived an incredible experience! 

Aguas Arriba visited the River House Lodge on the banks of the Chimehuin River  to record “Academia”. We are very grateful and proud to have been featured on one of the most important  TV fishing  shows in Latin America.

Aguas Arriba, hosted by the renowned fishing sportsman Pablo Rodrigo Pérez, is a fly fishing program made by and for fishermen. They travel through fantastic places fishing, sharing experiences with the local fishermen and filming in amazing locations. On this occasion, the theme was “Fishing the Film”.

Why were the Chimehuin River and our lodge chosen to record ‘Academia’, you ask? 

Simple. Thanks to its ideal hatches for fly fishing, the Chimehuin is a world-famous river. And  the RiverHouse has access to one of its best parts: the most productive and ideal area in relation to water conditions, quantity of insects and excellent trout. 

The show was played on ESPN channel and on the Aguas Arriba International Academy’s website!

You can also enjoy it on Youtube through this link: 

Thank you @aguasarribaespn and @pablorodriguesperez! It has been a pleasure to host you in our home and we hope you come visit again!